Tales by Light

If you’re looking for photographic inspiration, this is a great series to watch.

Tales by Light – Netflix series

I recently finished watching Tales by Light on Netflix. It’s a photography series, not highlighting techniques or gear, but purpose.

From registering water sanctuaries and wildlife, to preserving culture and exposing the hard side of life, the series is an inspiration to get your camera out the door and do something. Either for yourself, or for a wider audience, register those moments and places.

Names like Art Wolfe, Krystle Wright and Stephen Dupont are feature in the series with their experiences and vision.

Really worth watching!

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Innsbruck 2018 – Worldwide Photowalk

Worldwide Photowalk in Innsbruck was a blast, to say the least.

Fernanda and I in Innsbruck 2018

Fernanda and I in Innsbruck 2018

I have been joining the Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photowalk since 2011, not long after I came back to photography. By coincidence, while watching “The Grid” (Scott’s photography talk show) live for the first time, he announced this years Photowalk date and that he would be leading a walk in Innsbruck, Austria. No doubts, I’m in!! Joined it immediately.

Innsbruck is 180 km away from Munich and it was an opportunity I couldn’t pass on! I have been following Scott’s work since I started. His series “The Digital Photography Book” (1 to 3 back then) were the first books I read about photography, so it would be a pleasure meeting him in person. In the meanwhile I started watching The Grid live more often and got to know some of the usual live audience. I have watched all the shows, but a couple days later in the re-broadcast, since it happens “latish” at night in European time.

We (me and my wife Fernanda) had the great chance of having my parents around this particular weekend, that could stay with the kids so that we could both travel to Innsbruck. Yet another very positive thing. Got a simple hotel (a bit too simple, maybe), drove on Friday night, so we would be surely on time for the early photowalk. The plan was, I would join the walk and she would do sketching (her preferred graphical art) around the beautiful town.

In the morning Fernanda asked me “How do you feel? You’re gonna meet Scott Kelby!” and I was quite apprehensive, I must say. Coming from science, but also in other industries, you have some opportunities to meet of the big names and they are very often disappointing. You build a big expectation about it and when it actually happens it’s not as you would like it to be. On top of that I knew the “whole gang” would be there, so chances of being an unfulfilling experience was even larger.

The walk started at 8:00 and I couldn’t wish for more! Scott gave enough attention to each walker, chatting and guiding. I even managed to get my most relevant book of him (Volume 1 of The Digital Photography Book, where it all began for me) autographed. Moreover, all the members of “the gang”, highly accomplished photographers, amazingly nice!! Got the chance to chat with most of them, most pleasant people you could wish to have in a photowalk (Fernando “Chick Nando” Santos, Erik Kuna, Roberto Pisco, Dave Williams, Peter Treadway, Mimo Meidany, Cathy Baitson, among others).

Also had the chance to meet other very nice walkers and even my good mate Thomas Mauer, also from Munich, which we haven’t seen each other since a couple of photowalks! I probably spent so much time chatting that I haven’t take enough shots (I hope to have some keepers, didn’t have the chance to look into it yet, but it needs to be done this weekend). A totally awesome day, full of positive surprises!

Despite being close to Munich, you don’t come to Innsbruck that often. 3 days later, there I was again. My parents wanted to visit the city and now I knew enough of it to be able to show them the best spots around!!

If you never joined the Worldwide Photowalk, do it next year! Is an inspiring activity and a great chance to meet people with the same passion.

Thank you guys for the experience!

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Worldwide Photowalk 2018

Probably a bit last minute, but still on time.

Worldwide Photowalk 2018

Worldwide Photowalk 2018

This Saturday (October 06, 2018) it will happen the Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photowalk.

Basically people get together, walk around a chosen region, under the guidance of a Walk Leader, has fun, get to know people with the same interest (photography) and take nice pictures.

The walks happen all around the world and are free.

Having missed the last three years for different reasons, I’m going to Innsbruck. Austria (not very far from Munich) this year walk with the man himself. I guess it’s gonna be really funny!

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Traveling light

Long time since my last post. Life is really, but really crazy lately.

Last month I needed to travel to Zurich for work and I needed to travel light, carrying only hand luggage.

Obviously I was not considering leaving my camera behind, specially going somewhere I haven’t been since the 80’s, but it all had to fit in a small cabin carrier.

Not much I could ditch.

Tripods in the cabin are a no-go and I also didn’t want to risk with the platypod (they don’t care about what it is, but the fact that it’s a chunk of metal). But the small table top tripod would do the trick.

Needed a zoom lens, they are biggish but a one lens does it all, so I could leave the primes home. Obviously no flash and other accessories also, after all it’s travel photography.

I use a battery grip and I love it. I actually don’t use it for the extra battery. I have big hands and the battery grip gives me the perfect holding to the camera. More stability, portrait grip but a bigger and heavier camera, which also requires me to use a larger (way larger) top loader. Though it broke my heart, battery grip stayed home and I dug out my old and smaller bag.

Could fit it all in the cabin carrier, with weight limits. Great! Boarded to Zurich!

I like walking the places and in a city like Zurich, which is full of small alleys, that’s the best way to find great shots. Walking around with a smaller and lighter camera, without having to sacrifice much in terms of usability was great! My back and my neck are really thankful!

Unfortunately I did not have the chance to look into my images (you know, the craziness that prevents me from shooting), but I have a lot of fun.

What’s your experience on that?

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How much gear do you really use??

We hear a lot about GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome), which is this need to have the latest and greatest or this itchy feeling to buy this little thing that is going to make your photography amazing … I’m not going to enter in this discussion, but just tell a small story about the gear you own, the one you carry and the one you actually use.

Canon Line up

A bunch of gear … not mine … 🙂

A couple of weeks ago we went on a family trip to a nearby lake. Beautiful place we already visited a couple of times. This time I was armed with tripod, platypod (this plate that can hold your camera almost a ground level), ball-head and so on. We were taking a buggy, in case my little daughter get tired and didn’t want to walk anymore, so carrying the gear would come “for free”. It was daytime and a very sunny day, so not piece of landscape art would be made, but I was “prepared” for some nice shots.

Needless to say that during the whole hike, all the gear stayed in the buggy and I just walked around with the camera alternating shots of the kids and and the landscape.

At a certain point I decided to go down to the lake margin (the hiking path was a bit elevated) and take some shots of the nearly totally frozen lake. Obviously the only thing a carried with me was the camera and its bag, where the remote lives together with a small portable tripod, which is in the limit of handling the camera’s weight. Well, at the end of the day, this was all the gear that I used.

Conclusion from this short story. I should either get rid of all this gear, or better, stop being lazy and start correctly using the gear I own!! 🙂

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