Fall colors

The fall arrived again and I was not able, due to several constraints, to go somewhere amazing shooting the fall colors!

Autumn in Garching 01

Well, you not always have to go somewhere, you can walk around your town and look for it. That’s what I did. I realized a couple of places where colors would be nice soon and kept looking at them. Wall filled with leaves, contrast with the wall color or some nice mix of plants, generating a nice mix of colors.

A little bit of bracketing here and there, to get the tone mapping right and there you have it.

Autumn in Garching 03

Autumn in Garching 02

Needless to say that only a couple of days after I took those shots, the leaves were no longer there! So, it’s a matter of timing, what is not a huge problem, if you’re shooting at home :-)

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How Do I Do That In Lightroom

I have just finished reading “How Do I Do That In Lightroom“.

How Do I Do That In Lightroom - Scott Kelby

How Do I Do That In Lightroom – Scott Kelby

This is Scott Kelby’s new Lightroom book and, before talking about the content itself, let’s mentioned where it innovates. The book is obviously for sale as a print version (How Do I Do That In Lightroom – Scott Kelby), but it’s also available on line in their website, as a web book, freely available (they say for limited time).

The idea behind is to find the book interesting and worth having it in paper beside your station, and buy the book. I’m actually waiting for it to appear in amazon Germany, unfortunately the shipping prices from the US to Europe are prohibitive.

About the book! Scott has the “Lightroom for photographers” series, which is the “starting from the basics, I don’t know anything about Lightroom” book (it teaches people how to use the classic import interface, so Adobe, he’s got you covered, you can bring the old interface back!). This book is meant for someone that is already using Lightroom. Not a guru level, but as someone that is already familiar with it.

The book gives you 12 chapters, from “how to get your images into Lightroom” to “other stuff you’ll want to know”, going through “how to use the brushes”, with the already famous funny writing style of Scott and his also famous introductions of chapters. It gives you the tricks and the advance way of using most of the tools. Also some recipes on how to do get a given thing done (e.g. How to fix washed-out skies). It helps a lot also on getting more efficient on Lightroom, teaching this “more productive” way of doing one thing or another, and also how to get something done, though you know all the involved parts, you still didn’t connect the dots.

Obviously Lightroom Mobile was included in the book and has very useful tip!!

I got quite impressed, positively, that I knew a great part of the book already. Lightroom training and books paying off :-)

The book is totally worth it! Enjoy the online version and don’t forget to support the print version!

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Rolling back the Lightroom update

The last days I went back to use Lightroom quite often. Editing a couple of images, exporting 2 years worth of shots for the family yearly photo album (I know, we’re one year behind …) and believe me, I had the impression I was still using my old Pentium 4 … every second move in Lightroom would make it go “not responding” (the Window equivalent of Mac’s beach ball of death).

Lightroom CC/6

Lightroom CC/6

After reading so much about the problems of Lightroom 6.2/6.2.1 (or 2015.2/2015.2.1, if you prefer the CC naming) I definitely decided to roll back the update.

Adobe CC offers you older versions of software, but by older versions they understand the last updates of Lightroom 4 and Lightroom 5, no option to really go back to Lightroom 6.1.1 …

When hell broke loose with the very unstable release of 6.2, I remember a post from RC Concepcion teaching how to rollback this update (see original post Rolling back the update to Lightroom 6.2).

Basically you go to the Adobe site where they have the Adobe Lightroom storage page.

Download and install the “Application installer” for LR 6. Keep you Adobe CC logged in, the installer will find it and authenticate the installation.

Then, download and install the update to Lightroom 6.1.1 and ignore the information that you have a newer version.

Basically you’re getting stability and the old import interface and loosing Dehaze as brush/gradient option and the “lovable” new import interface.

That didn’t solve 100% of my problems. I still have freezing when using the local adjustment brush (in the case I was erasing a gradient filter’s mask on leaves in a tree. Apparently Windows 10 with AMD graphics card and Lightroom are not the best combination. I installed the “Beta” version of the driver, the problem improved a bit, but not totally gone.

In any case I’m keeping the LR6 and update to 6.1.1 files in my disk, just in case LR 6.3 is also unstable.

Adobe, please!!!

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Shooting the frozen morning

It’s getting cold in this part of the world. Mornings are frozen, but that brings some nice stuff to shoot! Since a friend complain that I never show my shots I decided to do this quick post and show something. Also this is post 100 of this blog!! Yeyyyyyyyy!! :-)

Spider web on a frozen morning

Spider web on a frozen morning

This week I was taking my daughter to day care and spotted the beautiful frozen spider webs on some trees and traffic signals. They are so thin that you basically can’t see them, unless they are frozen. They were invisible when I went pick her up at the end of the day. I even took a phone shot, but the shot ends up being a mess with a background that is not blurred enough.

The next day I went take my kid carrying the camera and a 50mm f/1.8. To my surprise, the spider webs were even more beautiful with water droplets instead of frost. That gave me a couple of nice shots.

The shots were not as simple as I expected. Of course a nice background is needed, in this case the webs in traffic signs are better, since they are hanging on a clean area, allowing you to get a background afar. The most complicated part is that the lens usually can’t focus on the droplets. Either you focus on the structure that holds the web (sign post, in my case) or you focus manually (which, I confess, is not my expertise).

Latter, I hope, I’ll be able to collect more autumn shots and share here!

By the way! I do most of my processing in Lightroom and had to use the dreadful new import interface already a couple of times … PLEASE ADOBE!! BRING THE OLD ONE BACK!! This is really bad and assumes we are stupid!!! Also, make Lightroom be stable again, the latest version freezes way too often!!

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Some social media

Crazy week.


Recently, for professional reasons I had to start learning how to use Twitter. For that I when on the path of creating a Twitter for my “photographic self” and share some thoughts and ideas in it. Since now I have been total averse to Twitter, but now … well … once you have to learn it, you have to learn it :-)

Check it out! @cris_da_rocha

I also maintain a Flipboard Magazine where I share most of the things I read online and find interesting. Worth checking it!

Cris Da Rocha’s Photography News

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