Frankfurt Luminale 2012

Work brought me to Frankfurt for a week. The camera, of course, came with me. Not that I had big plans for it, but a walk around the town after the meetings of the day always happens. And specially now that days are longer.

Frankfurt downtown. Römerberg (photo from

I never bring my tripod with me. I rarely use my tripod. I always take it around when I travel, but rarely use it. This time, since work was the travel’s driver, I was sure I’d not use it. So, it stayed in Munich.

Frankfurt Skyline (photo from

Well, turns out that there would be an special use to it. I had just arrived in the hotel, called home, and my wife had seen on TV news about a “light festival” in Frankfurt. The Luminale 2012.

Luminale 2012 - Logo

Luminale in Frankfurt (photo from

It’s a bianual festival where the city center has special illumination. First thing that came to my mind … “hmmm shooting this must be great” … “$^#&$ my tripod is at home!!!!”. Well, in this moment my Cullmann CB2 (and ISO 6400) came to my rescue.

Cullman CB2.7 (photo from

For the point-and-shoot I always carried a small tripod, but it’s not strong enough to hold a dSLR. Then I’ve seen RC Concepcion at D-Town TV commenting about a “mini-tripod”, small enough to carry it all the time and strong enough to hold a dSLR. A good idea, and I came back to my “always with me” tripod style (thanks RC).

Today it was very handy, together with the small remote that is always in the camera bag. I started to walk around for some end of day shots of the town (and dinner) and already noticed a high concentration of people with cameras and tripods walking along the river. When the night came, you would not believe it. A huge number of people with big tripods, big cameras, on each and every single lit point!!! No iPhone photographers around (well … there’s always some, but …), just people with dSLRs and big sturdy tripods!

Photographers at Römerberg in Frankfurt during Luminale 2012 (by Cris Da Rocha)

I managed to take some pictures, probably not as good as the ones I would have taken with my normal size tripod (seen the disclaimer there?), but I had my fun and took some pictures, some bracketing for HDR also. Still no time to look at them (and no monitor to do it also). Just the one of the photographers that I did some rough working to put it here. I hope to have some pictures ready soon … my back log is huge!!! Xmas is still waiting, and there are relatives very upset with it 🙂

About Cris Da Rocha

Astrophysicist, DB manager, cyclist, musician and, why not, "photographer to be". Back to enjoy photography after many years ... it's cool. Might share something nice and get something new.
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3 Responses to Frankfurt Luminale 2012

  1. Your photos are amazing. I’m so jealous.

    • Thanks, but I have to mention that most of the photos above are not mine, are just to illustrate the text (credit is given on the pictures).

      I still didn’t have the time to work on my own photos of Frankfurt.

      My own photos will come soon!

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