New Canon EOS 6D

New gear day! Inspired by the new releases on the market.

Canon has announced a new “line” so to say. The EOS 6D. A full-frame camera, 20MPix but not as “fancy” as a 5D Mark III (not as pricy also).

New Canon EOS 6D

The announcement comes a week after Nikon announced the D600 in the exact same category (lower price full-frame).

Recently I was checking rumors on the market and they were mentioning that the new 70D would come, with advances to the 60D and the 7D Mark II would be upgraded to full-frame and sit half way between the 70D and the 5DM3. Apparently the spot was taken by the 6D. Now I wonder if the 7D will be changed and into what.

Among features (full spec on DP Review) the 6D brings two things we’ve been screaming for: GPS (after all, any point-and-shoot has it) and WiFi connection. Very useful when shooting tethered. The camera also has the low light capabilities of the 5DM3 (ISO from 100 to 25600, four stops more than the 60D, and can get up to 102400 with boost).

The price is US$ 2099,00 for the body in the USA versus the US$ 3459,00 of the 5DM3 and the US$ 965,00 of the 60D. In Germany the official price is 1999 Euros versus the 3149 Euros for the 5DM3 and 899 Euros for the 60D. Coincidence or not, while checking the prices I already found stores with special offers for the 7D 😉

Thought the new camera is attractive a friend raised a nice point “I’m not ready yet to go full-frame” (quoting you Lars). The point is that lenses for this camera should be EF lenses, while people upgrading to it is surely coming from the APS-C sensors, which are smaller and work with EF-S lenses. Bottom line is that you will need new and more expensive lenses to use this camera, not to mention a wireless flash controller, in case you are already hooked to off-camera remote controlled flash, since the camera has no pop-up flash.

I’m not yet in position to buy this camera, but surely is a nice step before going 5D and will likely be interesting to events/wedding photographers.


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Astrophysicist, DB manager, cyclist, musician and, why not, "photographer to be". Back to enjoy photography after many years ... it's cool. Might share something nice and get something new.
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