Additional gear – part 1

Gear, gear, gear … we all love gear. I think this is one of the reasons we go into photography, as for music, cycling and other activities like it, it has SO MANY gear options!!!

I can be a speedlite, or some, a diffuse, or another, a battery grip, infinite options of lenses … therefore I’ll start a series (might be a series, or a single post and then additional posts with other names unrelated to “additional gear”, but I’ll try to tag them as “gear” at least).

I wanted to start this long ago, but there was no time, than there was something else to talk about, then no time again (I’ve been trying to post, at least weekly, but the last couple of weeks have been crazy around here, also photographically speaking).

From pieces of gear I’ve been collecting lately one worth mentioning was my “father’s day” gift (for us Brazilians, this is in August) that came in a very good time, summer vacations.

The gear I’m talking about is the R-Strap from Black Rapid!

Black Rapid R-Strap (photo from

Black Rapid R-Strap (photo from

It’s a “military” nylon strap (very resistant) that hangs across your chest. The camera hangs “in” it and slides up and down as you need. So while you’re not shooting, walking around the place, looking at your “vacation city”, the camera hangs beside you, no need to hold it and the weight is nicely put in your shoulder.

When you need to shoot, camera is at hand reach, just grab, pull it up and shoot. No weight in the neck to have the camera at reach, or unhang the camera from the shoulder to be able to shoot. Always and quickly available!

Looks like this!

Black Rapid R-Strap - Usage (photo from

Black Rapid R-Strap – Usage (photo from

And the attachment system is pretty simple.

You screw a “hook” socket.

Black Rapid R-Strap - Connecting hook (photo from

Black Rapid R-Strap – Connecting hook (photo from

You hook the strap to the screwed piece. The hooking is simple, you have a safety carabiner type of connector, so you can connect and detach the camera easily whenever you want, just opening the connector. The hook stays in the camera.

Black Rapid R-Strap - Connection system - Hook and carabiner (photo from

Black Rapid R-Strap – Connection system – Hook and carabiner (photo from

I’ve seen similar models from other companies and did not really like the connector, which did not have the carabiner type of release, so you needed either to take the whole strap out or unscrew the hook, to be free of the camera (for lunch, for example, or to hand the camera to someone else and be in the picture – for a change hehehehe).

Besides RC Concepcion’s and Matt Kloskowski’s comments on “great system, but the man boobs”, it’s a great piece of gear and my belly embarrasses me way more than man boobs hehehehehehe (not getting a kick from Black Rapid, but if they want to give me something, don’t hesitate in contacting me šŸ™‚ ).

About Cris Da Rocha

Astrophysicist, DB manager, cyclist, musician and, why not, "photographer to be". Back to enjoy photography after many years ... it's cool. Might share something nice and get something new.
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