Technology always brings us new tools. A nice tool today for collecting and sharing information today is Flipboard 2.0.

Cris da Rocha's photography news in Flipboard

Cris da Rocha’s photography news in Flipboard

Basically the new tool works as follows. It’s a framework for magazines. You can create your magazine, where you “store” web links you collect from the web or from other magazines. It creates a nice “magazine like” interface for this material, including a nice cover, using titles as headlines and images as cover.

A very elegant way of reading.

My use to this was first to collect material to read later, like a reading list. Than came the idea of storing what was read for future reference and finally the “why not make this public?”. You never know, but it might be interesting for someone!

So, recap, I have a protected (meaning, non-public) magazine that is my reading list and one public which is open to whoever wants to read it and it’s called (so far) “Cris da Rocha’s photography news“.

If your curious … take a look! 🙂

The draw back is that Flipboard is only mobile (so far). So you can only read the magazine in their app that only exists for iOS and Android. For me this is bad, because I spend a lot of time in front of a desktop computer, so I’d love to have it for desktops also. You can share things to your magazines from a desktop/laptop, but you cannot read or edit the magazine.

The option, which I’m still to implement and test, is to use a iOS or Android emulator and them install the app in it.

But basically, there’s a lot of stuff for photography in Flipboard (Scott Kelby has a magazine, Klaus Hermann has a couple of them …), give it a try!


About Cris Da Rocha

Astrophysicist, DB manager, cyclist, musician and, why not, "photographer to be". Back to enjoy photography after many years ... it's cool. Might share something nice and get something new.
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2 Responses to Flipboard

  1. Lisa Gordon says:

    I absolutely LOVE Flipboard!

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