Tutorial for simple logo

So, my “creation” (see my previous post “It’s alive“) brought me the idea of showing how I did it.

I don’t pretend to be a photoshop expert, but there are some solutions I have looked for or came up with, and that can, all together, be useful to someone.

For me doing this logo was a nice exercise and now even better. We watch and read a lot about photoshop, but it’s not until you practice it that it really comes into your “vocabulary” and as most of the people in the world that are not professional of design, I don’t have a lot of time to practice. In this case, every opportunity counts.

Of course I didn’t documented how I did the original logo, so I really had to redo it to be able to document and to get some print screens to bring to you. So I learned even more!

In this little tutorial. I’ll use the windows commands, but basically for Macs, wherever you see a Ctrl, put a “Command” and wherever you see an Alt put a “Option” in it.

This is the logo!

Back Training Sticker - Little photoshop exercise.

Back Training Sticker – Little photoshop exercise.

To start,

– Let’s create a 1000×1000 pixels document (the size actually depends on the image you’re going to use and the purpose).

– Reset the foreground and background colors (press D), so you have black as foreground and white as background.

– Click in the foreground color (left side), the color palette will show up. In this case I used a blue (R:21,G:52,B:123).

– Create a new layer (Ctrl-Shift-N).

To make the “doughnut” (as I’ll refer to in the text).

– Use the Elliptical marquee tool (press M, or Shift-M until you get to the elliptical, or click in the tools bar).

– About the center of the image hold Shift-Alt, and click and drag to have a perfect circle (Shift) drawn from the center (Alt). Don’t worry about being perfectly in the center, we’ll fix that later.

– Alt-Del to fill the selection with the foreground color (the blue).

Logo Tutorial - Blue circle.

Logo Tutorial – Blue circle.

– Still with the circular selection, go on the “Select” menu and choose “Transform Selection”.

– Grab the corner handle holding Shift-Alt and reduce the selection to the size for the internal image.

Logo Tutorial - Transform selection.

Logo Tutorial – Transform selection.

– Press Del to subtract the color from the inside.

– Ctrl-D to deselect.

– Go to the move tool (press V).

– Click on your layer, in the layer’s panel, and shift click the background to select both.

– Center the doughnut with options in the top bar “Align Vertical Centers” and “Align Horizontal Centers”.

Now let’s create a light gradient over the doughnut.

– Reset the colors (press D).

– Create a new layer (Ctrl-Shift-N).

– Select the Gradient Tool (G or Shift-G until you get the Gradient Tool, or go to the tools bar).

– At the upper bar choose Linear Gradient.

– From the drop-down menu choose “Foreground to Transparent” (second option).

– Click at the bottom-right corner and drag until the top-left corner, holding the Shift key for a diagonal line.

Logo Tutorial - Diagonal Gradient.

Logo Tutorial – Diagonal Gradient.

– Change the blend mode to Overlay.

– Right click the layer in the layer’s panel and click on “Create Clipping Mask” to tie the gradient to the doughnut layer.

– Lower the gradient layer’s opacity to about 75%.

Logo Tutorial - Gradient Layer Clipped.

Logo Tutorial – Gradient Layer Clipped.

Now we work in the center image:

– Ctrl click the layer icon of the doughnut layer to load the layer as a selection.

– Invert the selection (Ctrl-Shift-I).

– Subtract the outer part of the selection (Alt key) leaving just the inner circle.

– Fill the selection with the background color (Ctrl-Del).

– Move this layer below the doughnut.

– Bring the central image in, resize it and place it properly centered.

– Mask out or erase unnecessary parts of the central image.

– Place the image’s layer between the white circle and the doughnut.

Logo Tutorial - Central image placed.

Logo Tutorial – Central image placed.

Now let’s insert the text!

We start creating circular path about the center of the doughnut area.

– Ctrl click the layer icon of the central white circle to load it as a selection.

– In the Select menu choose “Transform Selection”.

– Grab the corner handle holding Shift-Alt and increase the selection to about half way between the doughnut’s borders.

– Go to the Paths Panel (together with the Layers Panel).

– In the bottom options choose “Make Work Path From Selection” (marked in red below).

Logo Tutorial - Work Path for text.

Logo Tutorial – Work Path for text.

– Select the Text Tool and place the cursor over the path. You’ll see how the cursor changes to “text in a path” (normal text cursor crossed by a curved line).

– Change the color of the text to white, alignment to center and font to a quite large size.

– Click in the upper part of the circular path and type the upper half of the text.

Logo Tutorial - Text on a Path.

Logo Tutorial – Text on a Path.

– Double click the T icon in the text layer to select the whole text.

– Open the Character and Paragraph’s Panel (last icon in the top bar for text tool, before the cancel icon).

– Adjust the baseline in the Character’s Panel, so the text is in the middle of the doughnut.

– Change the kerning to optical.

– If you need to adjust the alignment of the text, use the Path Selection Tool (A).

– To check the alignment of the text, drag a guide from the top until the border of the text.

Logo Tutorial - Guide for alignment.

Logo Tutorial – Guide for alignment.

– Click in the lower part of the path and type the lower half of the text.

– The text will appear upside down.

– Use the Path Selection Tool (A) to flip the text over and to align it.

– Set up the text as for the upper part.

– You can tweak the text, like spacing between each character, using the text properties in the Character’s Panel.

And there you have it, the final logo.

Logo Tutorial - Final logo.

Logo Tutorial – Final logo.


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Astrophysicist, DB manager, cyclist, musician and, why not, "photographer to be". Back to enjoy photography after many years ... it's cool. Might share something nice and get something new.
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