Shooting and not shooting

Back from my week of vacations! Of course I haven’t had time to even look into my shots, who would say of actually processing something. So a internet shot of Venice :-). Also had mostly no street photography done. No guts! hehehe nah, just did not find any subject that would attract me, just tourists … gondoliers were already shot to death!

Rialto bridge in Venice at night (photo: Alamy - from

Rialto bridge in Venice at night (photo: Alamy – from

Serge Ramelli always tells us on how Paris has a “tripod police”. You put a tripod on the floor in any of the wonderful churches in Paris and in a fraction of a second a security guard will appear and will appear and tell you that you cannot have a tripod there (mostly is said at the door 😉 ).

Well, Venice (and surroundings) took it to another level! No church in Venice will allow pictures to be taken!!! ABSOLUTELY NO PICTURES!!!! Of course you see hundreds of tourists shooting with their phones or point-and-shoot, but the moment you get a dSLR at your face …

Actually we visited the sanctuary of “Barbana”. A nice church in an island. Got a couple of shots and the priest comes to me, very politely and asks me to stop. Not far from Barbana, there’s Aquilea, with one of the first catholic churches ever, the city was a roman shore! And you CAN take pictures. Just flash and tripods are not allowed (and mobile phones ringing). And you have a librarian to enforce it. Remember the librarian? This old lady that rips your head of if you make any noise in the library?? There was an old lady scolding anyone that would use the flash, or let their phones ring :-).

So, I can understand flash. Is disturbing and have an impact in the color of paintings in the long run. I can understand the tripod. Places get crowded and a tripod uses the place of a person. Fine. But photography in general???

Now some reasoning. Those are sacred places. The fact that they are touristic attractions is secondary. On the other hand a person that enters just to look at it is no different than a person that enters, takes a picture while looking at it (ok, ok, mea culpa I’m one of those that composes and takes hundreds of shots in bracketing mode).

So I don’t see the point on not allowing pictures. Specially if the place is not packed (of course, if there’s a religious service happening, I would not even walk around the place and disturb the people inside!!!!!).

That brings another issue. Artists forbidding photography in the concerts, even on phones, in the connected Instagram world … I’ve seen both approaches on that. Some (like Prince and Beyoncé) are going against it and actually making their fans uncomfortable with security hassling them for taking a phone out. Others (like Bon Jovi) realized that they are living in the 21st century and they actually use this fact in their concerts. In a recent Bon Jovi concert here in Munich he actually replaced the lighters by the phones in the main ballad!!!

Some claim that people with phones disturb the others. Well, that’s solved with common sense. Is not photography that disturbs, is lack of common sense.


About Cris Da Rocha

Astrophysicist, DB manager, cyclist, musician and, why not, "photographer to be". Back to enjoy photography after many years ... it's cool. Might share something nice and get something new.
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