Looking for shapes

Since I found out about the DEDPXL assignments this thing keeps popping in my mind. I guess that’s the idea 🙂

Everywhere I look there are shapes. I’m following the Google+ community where people are posting their shots. Some are great, some look common.

At work we have the classic wavy building made out of glass windows, so patterns are there, but it looks like “I’ve seen it before”.

Walking around the building there were shadows on the floor and some symmetric reflections. The ones that pop into your face while you go around.

DEDPXL assignment #02 - Shapes 04

DEDPXL assignment #02 – Shapes 04

DEDPXL assignment #02 - Shapes 03

DEDPXL assignment #02 – Shapes 03

The building is like a doughnut. So it has an internal “shaft” of glass windows. This looked more interesting and less common. A bit more of looking for the shot.

DEDPXL assignment #02 - Shapes 02

DEDPXL assignment #02 – Shapes 02

To finish my endeavor in the topic some produced shot. Shapes and symmetry, a bike wheel! As a cyclist I kind of have some at home 🙂

DEDPXL assignment #02 - Shapes 01

DEDPXL assignment #02 – Shapes 01

A new wheel is a product shot, an used wheel is an odd shot 🙂 So I didn’t want the details of the wheels, so a backlit shot was the goal. I don’t have a studio at home, so improvising was the way to go.

Blackout of my son’s bedroom works great as a backdrop. Already got a couple of portraits there! My only speedlite as background light, at full power to blow the background out.

While doing some tests I noticed light was spilling to the test object. So I needed to block it, I needed a gobo. I also needed something to hold the wheel. A little foldable couch did the trick for both. Clipped the wheel, what put it in the proper height for the shot, I was just interested in the spokes anyway.

Putting the speedlite close to the couch/support I had my gobo there! Cool … but wait. The speedlite is optically controlled, so I need to make the light of my little pop-up flash get to the speedlite. Couple of little mirrors to do that and it all worked! Nice! Got my shots. Even a production shot.

Wheel shot - Production. Mirrors and Gobo/support used for the shot.

Wheel shot – Production. Mirrors and Gobo/support used for the shot.

After I was done I realized I haven’t actually tried to get the shot without the mirrors. I took the mirrors out and tried … it worked … also. But working the challenge, even if the solution might have been useless or redundant, was interesting.

Now I’m submitting the images to the Google+ group and let’s see if any makes to the critique. Then if so, let’s see what comes out.


About Cris Da Rocha

Astrophysicist, DB manager, cyclist, musician and, why not, "photographer to be". Back to enjoy photography after many years ... it's cool. Might share something nice and get something new.
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