HDR Photography Secrets for Digital Photographers

Another book “review”, another HDR book … see a trend here? 🙂

Rick Sammon - HDR Photography Secrets for Digital Photographers

Rick Sammon – HDR Photography Secrets for Digital Photographers

HDR is something that interest me a lot. I’ve been trying to get good at it for a while. I’ll make it, someday. Meanwhile I try to collect as much information as I can and the recent books are a great source for that goal.

While Trey Ratcliff gives you the story behind the shot, Rick Sammon takes a different approach, a more technical approach on how to shoot for HDR and how to process the shots for the final image.

The book talks about High Dynamical Range by itself, independent of technic (using bracketed shots, single shots …), and how to expand the dynamical range of whatever shot you’re working with.

Gear tips, how to shoot and post-processing techniques.

On the post-processing Rick Sammon does not go into the details of each slider, specially good, since most of the sliders have changed since the book was written, but gives you a feeling of what each software is capable of. Photomatix, Topaz Adjust, Photoshop/Camera Raw/Lightroom and Lucis Pro are the options presented and give you hints on where to go to your final goal. Lots of comparison images make reading the book a very rich experience: Before and After’s, processing progressions and cross comparison between techniques and plug-ins. As a photography book should be, the book is dominated by images.

Also some very handy information on how to create HDR panoramas and B&W images from a base HDR.

But more than that, in the same way as Trey’s book, Rick’s images help you build an image library inside your head!

Worth reading it!


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