Technology problems in photography

Last week in business trip and rainy weather! 🙂

We are all involved with some level of technology and sometimes we get involuntarily TOO involved.

Creative Cloud Adobe

Background information. I recently upgraded my station with a SSD disk and Windows 10 and I was never involved in any sort of problems with Adobe Creative Cloud, even the major outage from some years ago, that left so many out of business for some days.

So, I came back from my trip and needed to open my Lightroom (after the upgrade to 6.2 – more about this fiasco later) and it doesn’t open. It says the Creative Cloud app is not working or properly installed and you should reinstall it … the first thing you scream when you see that is “hey! what about this thing that you just need to be online once every three months or so????”. Reinstall was not working, there’s an Adobe page with 5 possible solutions for this problem, what gets you even more angry “if they know those things happen, why don’t they fix it in the first place?” and none of them worked. From try to reinstall to delete a couple of configuration files and nothing was solving the problem.

After a lot of digging and testing I found the problem and it was the most stupid thing ever!

Now the part where the upgrade of the station plays a role (see, not just a random bragging comment!). First I decided to go from Windows 8 to 10 directly. Bad experience with 8.1, as I described here in the past. Also, SSD disks are not cheap and getting one with a couple of Terabytes is not like … a feasible option, at this point. So I’ve got a small one and the idea was “Windows, Photoshop and Lightroom go there, all the rest goes to a HD”. Problem number one, Windows is not really fond of this thing. Even Windows 10! There’s no way to configure Windows to install software in drive D, instead of C and to put “Common Files” or “Appdata” elsewhere. The only way to do part of this is editing the Registry, which is not something you want to do without clear instructions and highly discouraged.

Some software are no longer asking where to install, they read the default of the system and go there directly (some not even that, they just go to drive C and that’s it). Also you don’t want to forget to tell “install it in drive D”, so changing the default was a good option. Installed Creative Cloud app, Photoshop and Lightroom (the software and the catalogues, not the images that are too many to be in the SSD) and changed the default “Program files” and “Common files” to drive D. I could never find how to change the Appdata elsewhere.

After a lot of digging and testing I found the problem. The software knows where it sits, but you should never change the “Common files” system definition. The software (at least Adobe’s) doesn’t have the path hard-wired, but reads the system definition. So at the end Creative Cloud was looking for information in Common Files, that was not there, do it was not “properly installed”.

Lessons learned. Changing installation of programs in Windows is a pain, though I’ll stick to it, and Adobe’s software can be picky to this. Now it’s working, I just hope my SSD doesn’t fill up with “common files”.

About the Lightroom 6.2 fiasco. I had just reinstalled Windows in the machine and got the newest version of Photoshop and Lightroom. Didn’t even had the chance to try it before hitting the road. While I was away I read in the news all the buzz about the instability and bugs of LR 6.2 and the dreadful experience with the new import. When I came back there was already the bug fix LR 6.2.1, which I updated immediatly, so no instability.

The problem came when I had to use the import for an image already in my HD … WTF! Was I using iPhoto??? In Windows 10??? Oh my god!!! Looks cheesy, and doesn’t let me choose where to put the image!! It simply decided to put it in drive C (though all the other images are in drive E …). Not rename option, for instance, no option AT ALL! Did I overlooked it? There was nothing there! Please don’t make me dig into menus to find things I had right in front of me before!! Luckly Adobe promised to bring the old import back. I fully agree with Brian Matiash when he wrote that if Adobe wants to please beginners, they should create a “Lightroom Elements” (BTW, Photoshop Elements annoys me because it feels totally different than Photoshop).

And you? Any experience with technical problems to share?


About Cris Da Rocha

Astrophysicist, DB manager, cyclist, musician and, why not, "photographer to be". Back to enjoy photography after many years ... it's cool. Might share something nice and get something new.
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4 Responses to Technology problems in photography

  1. oh man I feel your pain. Thankfully I do not have to contend with Windoze problems as I am a mac user but I too have been caught in Adobe’s update fiasco.
    I have missed out on several updates to Photoshop and Lightroom because of the U44M1/210 bug. Apple and Adobe gave out a load of “fixes” none of which work.

    One day, bizarrely Lightroom updated and I got caught in the bug that crashes Lightroom overtime you try to import photographs. Thankfully a working fix was released for that fairly quickly.

    I still haven’t managed to update Photoshop. Why on earth do we pay subscriptions?

    • Each system ends up having their own problems, but I haven’t heard about this bug yet! Gotta look for it!

      The subscription model ends up being cheaper than the permanent license, but it MUST work, otherwise it’s useless 🙂 I can’t believe Adobe is not doing anything about this. Quite disappointing!

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