The unknown unknowns

Long time without blogging. Big personal project, not related to photography taking most of my available time. Now I’ve got a small break and interesting circumstances.



5 years ago, I had just bought my first dSLR, after years shooting only with a point-and-shoot camera. I had to go to Stuttgart for a visit to the consulate (problems of people that leave abroad). We turned it into a family trip and I took the camera around the city and to the Mercedes Benz Museum.

5 years later, another family trip to Stuttgart, for the same reason (documents expire to fast 😉 ) and that got me thinking, how different would my shots be?

In the first visit I was very enthusiastic, but totally raw and uninstructed. Basically I didn’t know how much there is to know to take good pictures (the unknown unknowns).

In this visit, unfortunately, I couldn’t shoot as much as I wanted to. Weather, bigger family and the unavoidable argument of “we’ve already seen this place last time”. We went to some new places, but in any case we managed to get again to the Mercedes Benz Museum.

For the museum visit I went all geared up. Flash and a 50mm for the low light, but the 18-135mm had to be around, because rooms are not so large and some displays are not so close that a 50mm would do the whole trick. Despite being a great museum (more on that later), bags are not allowed. You can take whatever gear you want, but not a bag, so all the gear ended up in the baby stroller, and needless to say that after 15 minutes wife, baby and stroller went separate ways leaving me and my older son walking around. I know, my bad to even think the stroller would be around, but thanks honey for taking care of that 🙂

So, basically the shots for the museum and for the city were done with the same gear, what will make a comparison more interesting. Haven’t got the time to even look at the shots, but I hope they will be better than the old ones, otherwise I better just sell my gear and get another hobby. I’m sure the HDR treatment I did to one of the old shots will NEVER be repeated, it was horrible hehehehe

About the museum. They are totally worth a visit. They are realistic. You can shoot (can’t take a bag though) at will. They know people will, so no way and no need to prevent. Is not like they have painting on canvas. You can’t go up the platforms and therefore go in the vehicles, unless otherwise stated, but you can put your hands at them. Not a “don’t touch” museum. They know people have eyes in their hands. You’re not suppose to lean over and leave you fingerprints all over the place, but no scolding for touching it. This, per se, already makes the experience very children friendly. Add to that some experiments, touch information screens and videos around the place, and you have happy kids of all ages!!! Really worth a visit! Gotta try the Porsche Museum next time, but I’m convinced it won’t be as children friendly.

I’ll comment here as soon as I have a comparison between the shots with this 5 years baseline, and I highly encourage you to re-shoot some places, if you have the chance.


About Cris Da Rocha

Astrophysicist, DB manager, cyclist, musician and, why not, "photographer to be". Back to enjoy photography after many years ... it's cool. Might share something nice and get something new.
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