Adobe, again??

Short post about the latest update on Lightroom (2015.6).

Lightroom CC/6

Lightroom CC/6

Again, in less than one year, Adobe managed to disrupt our workflow.

Lightroom, for me, is by far the best tool in the market. Does 95% of what I need to work on my images, from organizing to developing and is affordable.

Not long ago we had this very bugged version, that really had to be rolled back. Now they seem to have done it a milder version of it.

I started working in the new version and had the impression I had a very, but very old computer with me. Even changing to the next image was slow. Adjustment brush lagging behind the cursor, sliders taking a while to respond, it was really scary!

Started Googling and realized I was not the only one to have problems like this. A poor man’s consolation, but at least I’ve see it wasn’t my computer what had a problem, or something. Some of the comments were about the video driver. So, let’s update it. That becomes a problem when your graphics card was just declared as “LEGACY” by the manufacturer. So, last driver ever to it. Obviously those things, that are supposed to take 2 minutes, take you the whole evening.

At the end, the update worked, some how, but the problem was not solved. The whole thing was more responsive, I know the graphics card is not supposed to play with anything but the adjustment brush, but believe me … but the adjustment brush was still running on a 386 … Disabled the graphics acceleration and things got better.

I’ll get back to working on new images those days and I’ll be able to confirm if things are better, of if I’ll have to roll it back, as last year.

Adobe already promising a bug fix, but I really would like to have a tested version before delivery, instead of post-mortem bug fixed.

Anyway … be aware of that before you upgrade.


About Cris Da Rocha

Astrophysicist, DB manager, cyclist, musician and, why not, "photographer to be". Back to enjoy photography after many years ... it's cool. Might share something nice and get something new.
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