Lightroom mobile and more on DEDPXL

Back to regularly posting … I hope!

Found a little for two photography related things this week. Work on the shots I took for the first DEDPXL assignment (the one below) and the new release from Adobe, Lightroom mobile.

DEDPXL - Assignment 01 - Cris Da Rocha

DEDPXL – Assignment 01 – Cris Da Rocha

I took a couple of shots of my bass guitar, as late shots for the first DEDPXL assignments on lines. For me nothing screams lines as a bass/guitar, or maybe the inside of a piano (man, this would have been a great shot!!!!). Though on the critique Zack put the guitars in the “OK” category. As I said, I found it as a great idea, but maybe it’s not :-)

Also the shot I have in mind for shapes, also scream lines to me. Let’s see. Still haven’t got the chance to shoot it.

Up for suggestions.

The second thing was playing a bit with Lightroom mobile. So, Adobe has released now the possibility to sync collections to their cloud and back to your mobile device (still not sure you can do it between two real computers, it’s possible).

The mobile version is quite limited, could not find adjustment brushes, or lens profiles but it works very well. As first impression is a nice gadget, but still doesn’t fit in my workflow … STILL! Always interesting to sit in the couch and be able to select (flagging works fine) and prepare the images for a more detailed work in the bigger screen.

Not essential, but not bad either, specially considering that for me it had no additional price.

Now gotta try to shoot the second assignment of DEDPXL, before April 25th.

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Zack Arias and the DEDPXL

Missing here! Yep! Baby girl born, so very little time to write, shoot (anything else that is not her and the brother and the mother ;-) ), or sleep!!

Zack Arias' DEDPXL

Zack Arias’ DEDPXL

Recently I found the new project from Zack Arias, the DEDPXL. A bit of background before.

Zack Arias inspires me in his “no bullshit” stile. He has a nice story and a very nice approach. His approach can be seen in the two short videos in the bottom and his story also in a nice chat with Chase Jarvis. Worth watching.

Now back to DEDPXL. Zack is proposing monthly photographic assignments. The first month was LINES. After the deadline he makes a critique of what was sent (you can submit in Google+, Flickr, 500px …). The first critique is long, but very good.

The second assignment is SHAPES and PATTERNS and it’s out until April 25th.

The main requirement is that it MUST be new material. Not something you shot before, but shot in this period.

Even not submitting shots (I really had no time to do the shooting, but for one of the ideas), thinking about it and trying to come with concepts is already very nice.

For the lines assignment, I first thought I had a great concept: strings of a bass, but I really had no time to develop it further and at the end the critique has showed way better concepts (way worse also … :-) ).

I couldn’t work on the shots, barely looked at them. I’ll do that soon and probably post the best one here, together with whatever I come out for assignment 2. Let’s see.

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The Digital Photography book – Little review

Another book review”ish”! Recently I finished reading The Digital Photography book – Volume 4 from Scott Kelby, since I read the other three volumes of the series in the past and they are a continuation series with the same style, I comment about the whole series (available as a bundle). Actually the Volume/Part 5 is soon to be released (so let me publish that before it becomes yesterday news :-) ).

Digital Phography book 4 - Scott Kelby

Digital Phography book 4 – Scott Kelby

The book, follows the general Scott Kelby style. A highly informal writing, an even more informal chapter introduction (he actually recently released a compilation of chapter introductions as an ebook for charity) and the part I like the most is the compact information.

What do I mean by compact information? The chapters are thematic, like “Using Hot Shoe Flash Like a Pro”, and each chapters are split by tips, so to say. Each tip is a page, so you can go reading and basically break whenever you want without missing “the point”. For me, that read while commuting or waiting in a queue, is a nice approach!

The content goes well to all sorts of photographers from beginners to mid range, I’d say. Volume 1 felt on my hands when I had just bought my first dSLR, coming back to photography, as I call it. The book gave me tons of information and most of all showed me that there was a lot, but a lot to be learned. From that to volumes 2, 3 and 4 was just a matter of time!

Each volume has new tips complementing the previous one, some new chapters that come with features and new techniques that might be interesting to the readers. For example, HDR is not in the first volume, but with the features added to this technique in the cameras and in photoshop and other software it became something more and more common, so it made into volume 4 of the series.

The final chapter of each volume is a “how to get this shot”. There’s a shot and an explanation on how to get it, putting together all that was said before in the previous chapters. A beauty shot with a “this softbox at 45 degrees, and a this and that …” or a landscape with a “ND filters and a this and that …” is really useful.

So, basically, if you’re not a working professional, is a great suggestion! Inexpensive set of books for the amount of information you can get!

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Due credit

I complain … a lot. Not only complain for the sake of complaining, but I try to make a point with it.

Dent on a plastic strip of a "New iPad" (aka iPad 3).

Dent on a plastic strip of a “New iPad” (aka iPad 3).

Bad service has to be reported and spread. Word of mouth is the best referral, or “dis-referral” if you may.

This post is not about photography, but about associated gear :-)

Got a MacBook years ago. Got “Apple Care”, the extended warranty Apple offers for a fraction of the device’s price. Still inside the Apple Care coverage my battery simply “swollen” … it’s got fat and off the socket. Contacted an Apple dealer (a trusted one) who told me that Apple refutes battery claims, since they consider it “wear”, so it’s not a defect, and I should stop using this battery immediately before it leaks and destroys my notebook and would have to buy a new battery.

The discussion went on why do Apple batteries wear out so fast, while Dell’s (my wife had bought a Dell laptop the same month I’ve got the MacBook) last forever????

Needless to say that the new battery I’ve bought had the exact same problem in the exact same timescale.

Well, the post is not about the MacBook, by the way.

Not long ago I’ve got a “New iPad” (aka. iPad 3), which is a nice tool to see nice images, read photographic news and even to remotely control your camera (though I don’t use it this way). Got it at my trusted dealer and with Apple Care! Why? Well, my contact actually made the joke saying “hey, for iPads they cover the battery!!” :-)

One nice day some plastic strip got a dent and broke (picture above).

I contacted the dealer, who said they would have to send the iPad to Apple and it would take about a week. I was 99.9% sure Apple would say “nah! this is wear! not covered by Apple Care”.

After about 4 days I was contacted and the answer was “you can come pick your iPad, we got it covered by Apple Care”. That was nice!

Kudos to Apple for that. They replaced my iPad for the exact same one. I could have used the chance for an upgrade to an iPad Air, but it was nice enough! :-)

So credit, where credit is due (but Apple, don’t get so happy, I’m still sour because of my MacBook battery!).

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50 Portraits from Gregory Heisler

Just got Gregory Heisler’s 50 Portraits book. Haven’t started reading it yet, I’ll comment (as if I had too :-) ) when I’m done. But it will take a while, since it’s one of those books to be enjoyed.

Gregory Heisler (portrait from Maja Jutanda - nice portrait of the portrait master)

Gregory Heisler (portrait from Maja Jutanda – nice portrait of the portrait master)

The post if for an old video that was posted on FStoppers in January, but I’ve just seen it (was in my to read/watch list).

AMAZING! Is a two hours video and is worth every second!

FStoppers – Two Hours of Gregory Heisler …

I hope you like it!

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